Tim Murray-Browne is an artist and creative coder creating interactive installations and performances. His work includes an ensemble of hacked instruments exhibited for the audience to play, interactive audiovisual dance performances, immersive sound games and interactive compositions experienced by the listener moving through space. After graduating with a Masters in Maths and Computer Science from Oxford University in 2008, he completed his PhD Queen Mary University of London in 2012, researching what creates a captivating experience for audiences of Interactive Music and Art. Since then he has worked both independently as an artist and as a coder for studios including Field, Seeper and Random International. He completed Sound and Music’s Embedded residency with The Music Hackspace in 2012-13, the outcome of which was awarded a Sonic Arts Prize in 2014.

His own work has been shown at venues including the Barbican, the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Place and Berkeley Art Museum.