Matthias Kispert 2a

Matthias Kispert is a London-based composer and sound designer who has been active for over 15 years in a range of different fields, creating sound for interactive installations, film and video, TV, theatre, audio-visual live performances, as well as working in education.

As audio director of the media arts collective D-Fuse he is responsible for the sonic aspect of the group’s work, including several installations and performances that have been touring globally. Beside this, he has been working with artists and designers including Quayola, United Visual Artists, Jason Bruges Studio, Trollbäck + Company, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Bart Hess, Jotta, and Max Hattler.

His works and collaborations have been shown at MU, STRP Biennial, Sonic Acts (Netherlands), Get It Louder, HK Arts Centre, I/O Gallery (China), Moscow Architecture Biennale (Russia), LEV (Spain), USC, TriBeCa Film Festival, Eyebeam (US), Royal Festival Hall, onedotzero, AV Festival, ISEA, Sound and Music Expo, Kings Place, Cafe Oto, Wet Sounds (UK), EMAF (Germany), Inverted Worlds (Lebanon), Itaú Cultural, FILE, Multiplicidade (Brazil), MOD (Mexico) among others.