Contemporary Composer of acclaimed pieces such as Shakespeare and Hedgeshear (2007) and the MATA NYC commisioned Killing Time (2013). Jobina is a highly accomplished composer, musician, sound producer and artist whose work spans the mediums of music, art, radio, audiobooks and soundtracks. Jobina has worked with some of the most highly regarded innovators and institutions in music, radio and research; her radio productions and music have been broadcast by the likes of the BBC, ABC and WQXR. Tinnemans has collaborated with corporations such as Vogue Knitting NYC.

BLATNOVA is the indie electronic chanteuse and producer alter-ego of contemporary classical composer Jobina Tinnemans. Away from the glamorous world of contemporary classical music, Jobina produces her BLATNOVA songs on hammond organs held together with sticky tape, synths rescued from dumpsters and found sounds from nature. From these humble ingredients she conjures soundscapes that carry you away into a world of haunting melodies and sultry vocals, backdropped by an expansive sonic landscape of restless rhythms and mesmerising electronics.