The artists below represent a small sample of talent in The CAN.

The CAN numbers hundreds of creators and draws from an extremely wide range of musical backgrounds. Due to our unique position within Sound and Music, the relationships we have with artists and our experience in working on challenging creative projects mean that we are uniquely positioned to build and deliver inspirational creations on behalf of our clients.


Jobina Tinnemans

electronics // contemporary classical // restless rhythms // sultry vocals // film noir // science fiction // mesmerising sounds


Joel Cahen

sound design // composition // installation // multichannel // experiential


Lee Westwood

sound design // electronic // orchestral // folk // cinematic


Tim Murray-Browne

Interactive // Digital // Installation // Algorithmic // Sound Art

Matthias Kispert 2a

Matthias Kispert

electronic // ambient // textural // rhythm // field recording

Tenor Violin2

Shiori Usui

composition // improvisation // human body // vocal // biology


Larry Achiampong

archive // heritage // sampling // achiampong // Ghana // Beats // MPC1000 // Sp404sx // Mehmogya // Moremogya // Postdigital // Cloudface // Blackph03nix // Biters // Findingfanon // Glyth


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